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May 7, 2022
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Badland Brawl  a series of hardcore platform games that has been in demand and popular for several years, not only on mobile platforms, but also on PCs. As a result, the creators of the project decided to use the characters and the main ideas of the project to release games and other directions, so before us is a new online shooter called Badland Brawl which is based on the achievements of that same platformer. Badland Brawl is distinguished by original gameplay based on physical processes, production of original game chains, excellent graphics and the ability to play with friends.



This game comes with unique gameplay where you will find two towers in which one is yours and the other one is your opponent. Your task in the game is to use your army of Brawls to fight and destroy your opponent’s tower before they destroy yours. The game offers a stunning fighting experience where you have to choose your best troops to defend your base and destroy your opponent. It is a strategy game as you have to choose which troops are the best to defeat the opponent troops. As if you pick the troop with low power then he is not going to defeat your opponent troop and your chances of losing will increase.

Warrior system

The Brawl warrior system is divided into many different types, each of which is differently shaped and has its own unique abilities. Players can collect warriors in the form of cards they are divided into many different qualities such as Primal, Unreal, Evolved and Mythical.

In addition to quality, the cards are also classified into 3 main groups: ground warriors, air warriors and the last group is attack cards. In which ground warriors are warriors who move freely on the ground to attack and destroy opponents. An aerial warrior is a type of warrior capable of flying directly into the opponent’s stronghold and causing damage in it. Finally, there are attack cards This is a group that does not have the ability to move and will rely on other groups of warriors to be able to attack. During the game, players can upgrade their cards from the experience you have accumulated or can use gold to upgrade.


The world in Badland is designed in the style of modern animation. All the details in the game are drawn in high-quality 3D graphics. The characters in the game are also heavily redesigned. This is a version with many breakthroughs. It is worth waiting for.

Please wait

Just a few months after the official update, Frogmind surprised everyone else by releasing the Badland sequel. The next favorite version of the game was a 5-star rating from the player along with the release. Badland 2 won the title of Best Game of the Year in 2015. Frogmind has continued to update both Badland games regularly since then, but in September last year, a surprising news came when the company notice that they have been acquired by the developer of Clash of Clans Supercell and will continue to release free games, three of which have been developed as Badland 1 and 2. The company has been quite quiet ever since, but now people can see the first results when they just focus on launching their latest Badland Brawl game software in the Finnish App Store. This is just a demo stage.

If you are in Finland or have a Finnish iTunes account, you can join Badland Brawl at the earliest possible address and communicate with other players in the application’s forum. When Frogmind tests their servers and other features of the game, they will slowly begin to release more territory, and we will update you on how their progress is going.

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What's new

3.2.3 Update!
- New Brawl Pass with new rewards
- Balanced Clones
- Tweaked menus
- Runes
- Bug fixes
- Stability fixes


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