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Earth as we know it is now on a path of destruction. A sky of constantly shifting colors, floods in places where the rain never stops, and when the snow falls it is gray. All seemed lost until we discovered a mysterious portal.
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Nov 18, 2021
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Doors: Origins is a pretty interesting game, it attracts players from the very first step. The first eye is the graphics, this is a hand-drawn style graphics game with a pretty eye-catching structure and colors. The doors, objects, look quite logical and beautiful. Doors Awakening is also one of the Doors Origins parts, the method and system are similar. Bright and harmonious colors are also important to the success of the game.


An attractive physics puzzle game for Android

Unlike matching and finding candies of the same color in Candy Crush Saga, Doors: Origins is a physics puzzle game, and that means you will have to interact with objects in the game.

The content of Doors: Origins is divided into levels. With each corresponding level is a door that you need to open. They have different mechanisms of action, and therefore, you should not impose a certain rule during the game.

Of course, the objects required to open the doors are hardly available. They are usually hidden somewhere around the door. You will have to find them. But it was not always so. Objects are even chained, and you can only find them sequentially, from one object to another.

Overall, Doors: Origins is very interesting and equally challenging. The puzzle mechanism is constantly changing, while the objects are closely linked with logic. If you have trouble, you can use the hints from the game, or play with the wrong trial method. Although that is a bit time-consuming, it should give you a few ideas as well.


This game mainly requires the player to be sensitive and careful, the gameplay strategy is quite simple, we should pay attention to the smallest details because these small details are decisive for the opening of the door and proceed to the next level. Meticulous observation is very important, in this game, beautiful graphics are really necessary because it will attract the player visually, visual acuity is the most important strategy of the game. Players are drawn to the beautiful colors and the clever arrangement of the game’s details, which will keep us from following our strategy and playing the game according to individual flexibility.

Discover the mystery behind the doors

Doors in Doors: Origins are mankind’s masterpieces, made from famous historical items such as Mona Lisa painting. They look very strange, but undeniably, they are beautifully designed and artistic. However, behind those doors is an unsolved mystery. Where will it lead you?

With each door open, you’ll receive a letter along with a few lines of text, providing a small portion of the story. Putting together these pieces of information, along with logic and events that happened, you will get a complete answer. But you know, solving puzzles to open these doors is not easy, especially as the difficulty increases with each level.

In general, Doors: Origins has 16 chapters, with 16 stories respectively. It starts with The Passage and ends with Frozen Fate. You must complete all the levels of chapter 1 to be able to unlock chapter two.


This game is interesting to all subjects and ages, people with a personality that likes to explore, like to explore new things. Meanwhile, beautifully hand-painted graphics will be the top priority of art lovers. The logic and difficulty of the game challenge players who love logic and love to conquer. When playing the game, it will be absorbed into the game, the color, the shape, the animation of the game, no one player can refuse. Especially when the door is opened will bring us to the inner mystery, behind the mystery of this door is another level, another door continues to be a new challenge full of beauty and excitement.


The advantage of the game is quite clear and easy to see because it lies in the visual, from the color to the artistry of each level. When playing the game and feeling, the advantage will be even more outstanding thanks to the meticulous investment of the game maker, who really wholeheartedly put into this game. The downside is that players with no patience and limited observation will be a challenge when playing the game because the game requires high patience and acumen when it comes to observation.


This game is popular, the first thing to mention is the eye-catching color, bright, harmonious 3D colors, and a bit of handcraft due to the hand-drawn graphics. More attention is that the creation is very creative, it is not easy to come up with good ideas for the creation, so the owner has put his or her heart into each shaping to create complete best shapes for players. The artistic feature located inside each door makes the player immerse in the art space even while playing the game.

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