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It's 1938, and the world finds itself on the brink of war yet again.
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Nov 8, 2022
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War Machines MOD APK  War Machines for Android is a multiplayer online tank shooting game that allows players to battle in teams or play solo in fights. There will be numerous tank types to pick from, battle, and improve. Compete against your friends in high-speed real-time combat to see who the best hero is.

War Machines provides gamers with a wide range of strong tanks. Each variety will have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the terrain and strategy. Players will be able to unlock new tanks and choose which parts to upgrade after accumulating a certain number of points. Furthermore, you can personalize the car with stunning decals.



War Machines offers modern combat experiences. Each round lasts 3 minutes, and you must try to shoot down as many tanks as possible in the battle to win the battle. The number of points and tank wreckage will determine the position of the top star in the world. The game feels personal, as you use your tank to defend your country’s honor against rival tanks from abroad. You can use the battle tanks of China, USA, Russia, Japan and all other developed countries in the world. The game offers an explosive world of awesome battle tanks. You can choose to join military battles in groups, or take part in military battles as an individual freedom

War Machines offer many different types of tanks. You choose your battle style to choose the right tank, and make the final decision to win the fierce battle. You choose a light tank to quickly scout the enemy’s territory, and finish off the enemy. You can also choose the heaviest Panzer to unleash your military rage on enemies with powerful cannons. You unlock a variety of epic war tanks, and upgrade vehicles to become the star tank. You use upgraded tanks to create powerful firepower, and burn your enemies down. Get ready to become the best in army games, and enter the war world to become the tank star of your country.

Controls That Are Smooth And Responsive

In comparison to other action games, War Machines has a smooth and flexible control mechanism that allows players to record all of the vehicle’s movements with absolute precision. Furthermore, its customization is extensive, assuring gamers of the most comfortable experience when driving various vehicles. What’s more, the game will include aim or shot support technologies, allowing players to battle with greater accuracy in high-pressure and fast-paced circumstances. The game’s outstanding control mechanism is regarded as one of the reasons it is so interesting and well-liked.

Access To A Variety Of Vehicles

The game lacks human elements and instead focuses on mechanized combat vehicles such as tanks, planes, and warships. What’s striking is how diversified and deep each front is; there are even hundreds of various options for players to enjoy the game to the utmost. The player’s employment, position, and combat performance will differ depending on their combat unit. Furthermore, based on the player’s decisions, it will gradually unlock more new content in the tech tree and begin to explore the wonder that comes from many types of vehicles. Land, sea, and air will all have several branches to make the battlefield richer and more vibrant than ever.

Graphics and sound

War Machines has outstanding 3D graphics, and great sound quality. The detailed 3D graphics, realistic physics should easily appeal to any fan of the military genre. The graphics are really stunning. The tanks are also designed in the realistic style of the tanks seen in famous movies.

If you love the giant robot shooting genre, then give “War Robots” a try. The game offers epic PvP battles, and you will fight opponents from all over the world. The game offers fascinating attacks, complex tactical maneuvers and a variety of robots.


  • Fight together in a team or in a free-for-all war
  • Stunning next-gen graphics
  • Controls optimized for exciting war tank battles
  • Unlock the best military tanks to guarantee victory for your team
  • Go up against enemy military tanks
  • Fight online in World War locations and industrial zones


War Machines is truly a great experience, if you love online tank shooting. The game allows you to optionally fight in teams, or play solo freely in fierce conflicts in famous European arenas. The game offers a multitude of tanks, and a variety of upgrades to create the perfect battle style. Be ready to challenge your friends in real-time battles at full speed, and become the ultimate tank of victory. Get ready to enter the world of epic battles, and control powerful tanks to become the best. Battle tanks from all over the world will be a difficult test of your skill. War games for free tanks, and will make you ready to join the fight in the world now fiercely powerful tanks.

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- Other Bug Fixes

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