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With a top-down perspective and solid 2D animated graphics, Gladiators: Survival in Rome is no longer a gloomy survival role-playing game that makes you tired. This game has a good balance between resources and development potential. It also harmonizes the feeling of difficulty in survival but the atmosphere is very optimistic and lively. Let’s continue to see the good points of the game in the review below.

Introduce about Gladiators: Survival in Rome

Vivid survival role-playing picture in the Roman Medieval world!


Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an action role-playing game with the goal of survival. The longer a player survives and progresses, the better. Players will experience many survival activities that are both sophisticated and classic, such as building villages, which later become city building. Then complete assigned tasks, participate in monthly events to constantly strengthen your character and become more and more prosperous in this world.

Gladiators: Survival in Rome begins when the main character, a pathetic slave of the Middle Ages, courageously escapes from prison, dragging a number of loyal slaves with him. On your escape, you had to attack countless cruel soldiers, go through a vast dungeon and barbaric lands that no one had ever set foot on.

Overcoming these things, you begin to choose an ideal place to build your own property. From here, a large village, a future city of people who always aspire, was formed. It was also you who later proposed the policies to manufacture weapons, armor, and equip yourself and the army under your command.

One day, when you have enough courage, strength and might, you will lead your army towards the old stronghold, destroy the tyrannical King’s oppressive army, and become the new leader of Roman Empire.

Sharp combat action

The game is designed with a quite attractive action combat system. Specifically, players are allowed to move freely in the context, without limitations. At the same time, use any tools or items you have on you as weapons. When facing enemies, hack and slash moves and skills are also maximized, bringing a feeling of quick combat. If you are a fan of the cartoon-style action role-playing genre, you will definitely love these features in Gladiators: Survival in Rome.

Rich manufacturing capabilities

In addition to the character’s ability to fight like a professional fighter, the character can also participate in normal life quite deeply. He enjoys life around him and always makes things better day by day thanks to his comprehensive Crafting ability.

Manufacture tools and agricultural tools to support the process of planting and harvesting agricultural products in the village. Then create special tools to cut down trees, mine stone and many other resources in the game world. And finally, create weapons. Based on the resources collected, players will be able to create many types of weapons with different offensive and defensive uses.

A person with such a multi-functional manufacturing achievement is sure to be able to live anywhere.

Explore a cartoon-style open world

Although designed with a 2D top down animation style, the world in Gladiators: Survival in Rome is essentially still a dynamic open world with many details and developments hidden deep within it.

Following the main character as he travels around, you will discover the secrets of past kingdoms. At the same time, collect countless valuable resources, as well as find huge treasures later.

Build the city of the future

To have a majestic property, preparing to usurp the throne of the ancient Roman king in the future, you will have to start with long-term construction work.

Players will start by building a first house. Next, use your human power (of the slaves following you, which will increase with your prestige points), existing resources and tools to build more functional infrastructure. From a house has become a village. From the village, it continued to become a rich and prosperous autonomous land.

From here, you have enough foundation to grow even stronger, gradually becoming a great threat to the Roman court at that time. Wait until the opportunity comes to make the coup successful and become the new leader of the country.

Smart tactics

Even in construction, combat and defense, you must have smart leadership strategies. Learn how to manage resources, balance human and material factors. At the same time, choose a weapon strategy and customize weapons to suit each battle. By focusing all these key factors, you can find the best way to operate and develop the land for yourself.

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