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Kipas Guys Mod APK is a tweaked version of multiplayer party game Stumble Guys that comes packed with added premium benefits like unlimited gems, special avatar skins, exclusive emotes, faster movement and more for free. It unlocks an amplified gaming experience.

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February 27, 2024 (5 months ago)

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Kipas Guys is a changed version of the popular obstacle course game Stumble Guys. Stumble Guys brings the fun of games like Fall Guys to mobile, where you race against many players through weird obstacle maps and battles. But with Kipas Guys mod, you get more free features like unlimited gems, special skins for your character, unlocked maps and more!

This makes the entertainment even better. In this article, we tell you all details about this Stumble Guys mod, what extra you enjoy, how to download and install Kipas Guys on your phone, tips and tricks etc. Get ready for unlimited stumbling fun with Kipas Guys mod!

What is Kipas Guys MOD APK

Kipas Guys is a changed version of the popular party game Stumble Guys which became quick hit for bringing the fun chaos of Fall Guys to mobile. It keeps the same crazy obstacle races of Stumble Guys – where 32 players race together across weird maps full of walls, traps, pitfalls to win rounds. You must outrun others and reach finish line before getting knocked out by obstacles or players pushing you.

What Kipas Guys adds with the mod are extra customizations and stuff you normally must pay for. For example – cool skins, costumes to style your character as per your choice. So you can make your character look unique with unlocked skins amidst madcap fun. It also gives endless gems to buy power-ups or upgrades from shop to beat others. Special moves like faster running, gliding let you clear obstacles faster than rivals. With all maps and modes unlocked, you can play on more variety of challenging courses!

Unlimited Gems

Get endless gems automatically in mod version. Use gems freely without worrying to buy power-ups like Hammer to beat others or Jumping Shoes to jump higher over walls in levels. Can also use gems to unlock skins and dances without thinking of cost. This is very useful because gems take long time to earn by playing levels daily in original game.But mod gives infinite gems so can buy anything from shop and become strongest player!

All Maps Unlocked

As you complete more levels, new maps come in original game. But mod has all current and new maps unlocked and open from start only. So you play on more variety of maps – amusement parks, ice mountains, wall guys maps from beginning itself. Can challenge other players on old and new maps. Great entertainment with so many unlocked maps!

Exclusive Avatar Skins

Normal characters lack style. Mod gives many custom skins like welding men, scary doll, and rainbow unicorn to make your character look more special. From scary to funny skins – choose and use unlock skins free to express yourself uniquely. Make your character stand out with exclusive skins!

Special Emotes

Over hundred emotes unlocked in mod to communicate better. Can place laugh, angry, dancing emoticons on other players in a race. Select smart emotes to react when dodging opponent or winning a round. Adds more social fun with emojis to express your game mood with other players for free.

Faster Movement

Mod menu allows moving faster, glide further distances, set higher jumps. Can change these beyond normal limits matching your play style on every level. Very useful to clear traps and obstacles faster. Just toggle options as you want. Eventually win more with quicker speed!

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