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Monomi Park

Slime Rancher Mod APK supercharges your slime wrangling adventure with infinite newbucks currency and all ranch expansions, corrals, gadgets and tech tree upgrades unlocked instantly. This removes all farming grind, allowing you to immediately construct endgame-tier automated harvesters and research tools to focus completely on exploring alien frontiers and decorating with wonderfully weird slimes.

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Slime Rancher

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500 MB

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Android 9.0+

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Unlocked All

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February 27, 2024 (2 months ago)

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Escape to a fun new planet and start your own slime ranch with Slime Rancher Mod APK. This imaginative first-person game was made by Monomi Park. Your job is to wrangle colorful bouncy slimes to get valuable stuff. There are all kinds of wacky slimes to find.

You can craft gadgets, grow your ranch, and more. The mod gives you infinite money and all upgrades right away. This lets you build your slime empire fast. Whether you like the cute graphics or want to become a slime tycoon, Slime Rancher Mod APK is a silly world waiting for you. Catching slimes and growing your ranch is simple to start but keeps getting better.

Waht is Slime Rancher MOD APK

Slime Rancher Mod APK brings the popular PC and console game Slime Rancher to mobile devices. It gives you all upgrades and unlimited money right away. In this fun first-person game, you play as Beatrix, a rancher going to a planet of slimes.

Using your vacuum gadget, you can suck up bouncing slimes and take them to your ranch. Feed them foods they like to produce plorts. Plorts are used to build your ranch. There are cute pink slimes, radioactive boom slimes, and many more to find.

The mod lets you unlock everything for your ranch instantly. You can make huge areas for slimes and set up devices to collect plorts automatically. This way you can focus on exploring for new slimes instead of earning money.

With easy touch controls and better graphics, Slime Rancher becomes perfect mobile fun. And the mod removes all waiting and grinding. If you love collecting cute creatures, exploring alien places, and strategy games, Slime Rancher Mod APK is the perfect mix just for you.

Thriving Living Slime Ecosystems

The primordial stars of the game are the jiggling, gelatinous slime creatures populating the alien world with over 20 unique species exhibiting charming behaviors and surprising dynamics. Common pink slimes joyfully bounce while angler variants glow to illuminate dark caves. Delicate rad slimes emit helpful radiation under sunlight while rubbery tabby slimes pounce playfully. Their diverse diet needs, plort resources they excrete and reactions when combined make ranch planning strategically engaging too. Thanks gorgeous dynamic lighting and weather effects, the HD slimes feel tangibly real and seeing different species interact never gets old.

Far-Reaching Ranch Exploration & Expansion

Your ranch adventure begins in cozy farmlands before an enormous diverse frontier opens up. Journey into the phosphorescent Indigo Quarry glowing with radiation, the glassy crystalline Hollows glittering beautifully or the fog-cloaked ruins of an ancient slime civilization. Seven distinct regions hold unique environmental threats, resources and of course new slime types to discover. The further you explore using gadgets like your trust vacpack and jetpack boots, the more species and areas you’ll unlock. With the mod enabled, claim instant max upgrades to build hugely expanded multi-tiered ranch zones in each region right from scratch. Now you can spread your operational empire across exotic alien terrains.

Smart Slime-Harvesting Economic Puzzles

Essential to success is intelligently designing your ranch infrastructure. Connect plort collectors to auto-farming, food dispensers to slime corrals, storage silos to processing centers and more in intricate pipelines. Manage fragile slimes like radioactive crystals under protective solar shields while they automatically contribute profits. Route different resources across a intricate economic ecosystem you craft. With all expansion and gadget upgrades instantly available, transform huge terrains into complex economic optimization puzzles where efficiency creates major profits. Experiment until your master intricate harvesting networks generate bountiful passive income.

Upgrade Gadgets & Slime Experimenting

A sprawling tech tree lets you spend plorts earned from thriving slime enterprises to build incredibly useful gizmos and gadgets. Upgrade your vacpack to siphon resources faster before equipping jump jets and dash boosts enabling access to once unreachable areas for finding exotic slimes. Install pumps to quickly transport water across large areas or acquire multi-tiered apiaries to house buzzing apiary slimes. You can even use the Lab machine to fuse multiple species,say a lucky pink slime with a rubbery tabby for bouncy playful hybrids! Advanced technology paired with genetic experimentation makes improving productivity incredibly captivating.

Touchscreen Mobile Playability

Slime Rancher Mod APK reveals excellent mobile optimiziation through intuitive touch controls catering to tap,drag and swipe gestures beautifully. Quickly navigate 3D environments with joystick controls while rotating selection wheels equip the right enhancement for each situation rapidly. Slice buttons offer easy pickups and menu navigation is streamlined for focus on strategic ranch building. Even complex economic factories are structured around easily linking modules together via touch. Core progression from gadget upgrading to discovering bizarre slimes translates seamlessly into mobile experiences, now playable anywhere.

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