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Truecaller is a popular caller ID and spam blocking app. It helps you know who is calling before you answer.

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February 27, 2024 (3 months ago)

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Truecaller is a popular phone app that helps you see who is calling. It was made in Sweden in 2009. Now over 280 million people use it every month around the world.

The app keeps a big list of phone numbers. People using Truecaller are added to this list. When you get a call, the app looks at the number. It will show you the name of the person or company calling if it knows. This lets you know who is calling before you answer.

It also spots numbers from callers who just want to sell you things. You can tell the app not to let these calls through. Besides showing caller ID, Truecaller has some other tools too like flash messages. You can also make calls using it.

Generally, it is a useful way for people to check who is calling. This helps you avoid interruptions from telemarketers and scammers.

What is Truecaller MOD APK?

Truecaller helps you know who is calling your phone. It has a big list of phone numbers from all over the world. Other Truecaller users have added names and details to the numbers.

When your phone rings, Truecaller quickly looks at the calling number. It will then show you the name of the person or company on your phone screen. Sometimes it just shows a company name instead of a name. This lets you know who is calling before you answer unknown numbers.

The app is always updating as more people add information. It tries to identify almost every number making calls globally. Besides showing caller ID, Truecaller also marks numbers from spam callers. These callers just want to sell you things and waste your time. You can choose to not let these calls reach you.

You download Truecaller for free from app stores. The basic features do not cost any money. It makes money by showing small ads in the app. It is very helpful for many people worldwide. It protects them from annoying calls and lets them know who is contacting them.

Caller ID

Truecaller has access to one of the largest databases of phone numbers in the world. Over 280 million users have contributed numbers and associated contact details to help identify callers. When you receive a call, Truecaller instantly searches this database that’s constantly being updated in real-time. Within seconds, it can display the name of the person or business calling based on number matching. This provides valuable context before you answer calls from unknown contacts. The database works across countries so you can see caller identities even when calling internationally.

Spam Blocking

In addition to caller ID, Truecaller identifies numbers engaging in unsolicited marketing practices or fraudulent activity based on reports submitted by its global user base. When multiple people tag a particular number as spam over time, it gets categorized on Truecaller’s spam list. You then have the option to automatically reject calls from these problematic sources to avoid disruptions. As new spam tactics emerge, Truecaller’s AI-based algorithms also help detect suspicious patterns and keep your phone protected.

Contact Syncing

Rather than manually adding all your contacts, Truecaller seamlessly syncs with your phone’s address book for an effortless experience (with permission). It leverages details from numbers you already know to enhance caller ID. Behind the scenes, it also contributes mapped entries to its core database anonymously to help other users. Contact sync streamlines the process while preserving your privacy through localized on-device storage and encryption.

Flash Messaging

Truecaller offers a unique messaging solution that works anywhere, anytime without an internet connection. Using your number as the identifier, flash messages let you instantly exchange short text notes – making communication easier in remote areas or during emergencies when cellular data isn’t available. Sent messages are briefly stored on intermediary towers to complete delivery.

Call Recording

For documenting important conversations, Truecaller allows recording phone calls directly from within the app (with consent from the caller based on your country’s laws). Recordings are securely stored on your device with encryption. You can then replay any part of the discussion later on as needed. This proven feature is helpful for everything from taking notes during interviews to having records of agreements.

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